Diana Winter: a beginning with great promise (…) it’s a sincere record, impressive for the maturity of its songs, both for their composition and for their interpretation (the girl is only 22). She has an amazing confidence, as if she’d always been making records.
— Libero
When our voices intertwine, I seem to hear the echo of my own.
— Giorgia
Queen of cultivated Italian music.
— Il Corriere della Sera
Free not to choose, to wander without a predetermined direction: this is Diana Winter’s current philosophy, and this is what she declares in her songs, applying her “non-rules” in the entire album.
— La Repubblica
Diana Winter undertakes her first album with the artistic maturity of a great singer-songwriter. Her voice is smooth and full, her guests are first class (…) A project that is organic, well thought out, inspired and achieved with sensitivity and competence.
— Tribe
A triumph
— Il Mattino
She blends soul and pop with class and musicians on an international level.
— Maxim
She blends soul and jazz, but with the extraordinary freshness of her 22 years.
— L'Unità
Their duet illuminates the U2’s “One” when Miss Todrani and Diana Winter’s voices reach very high levels.
— Il Tempo